Big boob by Sports Direct

Brighton mums feeding protest in Sports Direct

Brighton mums feeding protest in Sports Direct

It is a story that won’t die for Sports Direct. Today (May 7) the morning after the flash mob in Brighton there is a fresh wave of press highlighting the company’s action and inaction.

The Argus, Brighton’s daily newspaper and my employer, includes a comment from Sports Direct’s PR department saying it is not commenting.

Saying nothing just makes matters worse for the company. If at the time of the Nottingham incident Sports Direct apologised to Wioletta Kumar, there would be no flash mobs, no protests.

What should the company say?

“Sports Direct apologise for the incident when a member of staff asked a mother to stop breastfeeding her child and leave the Nottingham store.

“Food and drink is not permitted in our stores but we appreciate a baby’s needs and comply with the Equalities Act.

“Staff are being informed the company supports our breastfeeding customers needs.”

Why is the company refusing to comment? It is just making matters worse and alienating future customers.

In a few years some of these babies will want and/or need sports equipment. Somehow I don’t think breastfeeding protesters will buy from Sports Direct.

For your viewing pleasure, I feature in LatestTV’s video report and vox pop.

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