Take your turn children


It is unlikely my poppet will have any siblings so won’t have to share toys, clothes or her parents’ love.

She shares her grandparents with her cousins, but they have different interests when it comes to toys because poppet is so much younger.

After reading an interesting blog post by Beth of Very Bloggy about her son’s school’s non-sharing policy, it made me ponder how to approach this issue with my daughter.

There needs to have balance between kindness and sharing.

I agree with the idea that children be allowed to play with a toy without someone taking it off them, as described in the article.

It upsets me when children take toys off my little one at play groups.

Usually we have a “W was playing with that, play with this response” to balance it out.

However, I wouldn’t let her hog a toy or piece of play equipment for hours on end either.

Learning to take turns is important. Limiting time with play equipment can enhance enjoyment.

If you’re on the swing all the time do you enjoy it as much or does it become dull and commonplace?

When other children are waiting to use something then thei time should be limited so everyone gets a go.

No one can get what they want all the time, but time on a swing ought to be shared.

Ownership is very important, too.

As the oldest child it felt the requirement to share ended up being what’s yours is mine and what’s mine is mine. It was a one way street.

However, I wouldn’t want my child being a brat about her toys when friends visit.

Your precious things are yours but sometimes it is good to share with friends. It makes life more fun.

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