Colour coded babies

It is always a relief to find girls’ clothes in colours other than pink.

We fight the tyranny of pink for girls in this household.

A few pink bits have made it through but W is a beautifully dressed baby wearing a variety of colours.

Unfortunately boys don’t seem to have many options outside of the blue, grey marl spectrum.

It is a wonderful thing to spot a boy in yellow trousers and a red t-shirt rather than the ubiquitous navy and grey stripes and stars.

Colour coding is just as unfair when it comes to toys.

Boys are just as likely as girls to want to play with a kitchen, pram, a toy vacuum cleaner. They want to copy.

Many mums I speak to are frustrated with the big toy companies making pink tea sets.


Leap Frog’s shape sorting picnic is a prime example.

Why is this pink when it could be yellow and green? Or even…basket coloured brown.

Toys are not for boys or girls, they are for children.

Girls like to play with cars, boys like to play with dolls.

It seems in childhood sexism is getting worse.


My problem with breast feeding in public in winter

These days my 17-month-old toddler has to negotiate layers of clothing to reach the desired boobies.

My big problem is her face peeking out from under the folds of my cardigan as she yells “boo!”

Doesn’t matter how discrete I may be she certainly like to grab the attention.