Baby led weaning is not a bit weird


When I started weaning W at Christmas 2013 both my mother and mother-in-law were skeptical.

“How can she eat such big lumps without any teeth?”

“Will you feed her anything with a spoon?”

“How will she learn to eat with cutlery?”

I avoided the purée route completely and embraced baby-led weaning.

When I showed my mother the Gill Rapley book she said: “This is wrong.”

W started out eating boiled veg and tucked into broccoli and carrots with particular gusto.

Now at 18 months she enjoys a wide variety of foods and strong flavours.

Olives are a particular favourite and this Christmas we discovered Stilton goes down a treat.

She is not a big fan of salami and sweet potato is a no no.

During the summer my parents took W down to the park and my father was quite taken back by the snacking going on around him.

“All the mums had tubs of cooked veg like you do,” he said.

This was when my parents realised I was not a complete weirdo and other parents were doing the same thing.

We have rarely struggled at meal times, apart from when W is teething and out of sorts.

On New Years Day she tucked into a pork pie.

My in-laws had my sister-in-laws in-laws around for tea, too.

They are concerned their nine-month-old granddaughter is eating sandwiches rather than purée.

I had to smile when my mother-in-law said: “It’s okay, it does look strange but it does work and W is fine.

“It’s not the way we did it but it works.”

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