Tesco breaking formula promotion law



Today I popped into Tesco with my sister. I don’t live near one so rarely shop there.

Therefore I was surprised to see SMA stage one and two formulas alongside other food items as part of a price drop promotion.

The law for promoting formula aimed at babies under six months is the same as tobacco, no advertising, price deals or promotion.

Formula is a miracle that has saved thousands of babies since safer versions were created, but artificial feeding should not be the norm.

This is why formula aimed at children under six months is not advertised. As it is follow on milks were created just to get around the ban.

It makes me angry how decades of aggressive promotion made formula feeding the norm for my mother’s generation.

She made it clear from day one she thought I was wrong to breastfeed W.

“Have you had your milk tested for its nutritional value?” She asked me when W was 24 hours old.

I was stunned, but this is the result of being told how great formula is.

It is great for women who cannot feed because their milk does not come in, or their child has extreme food allergies so even donor milk is a risk, there are many reasons why it is needed.

So many babies failed to thrive or died because they could not feed. Even wet nursing result in a baby not getting enough food.

What does concern me is how many women don’t breastfeed because they think it is weird.

If your body makes free food then use it rather than spend £10 a pop on a tin.

Update: It seems Tesco has received a number of complains and is withdrawing the promotion. However, the company should know better. The Baby Feeding Law Group has published how Tesco has made this mistake in the past. I wonder how often the company thinks it can get away with it.

Update two: Tesco tweeted me back to say it will be removed.


2 thoughts on “Tesco breaking formula promotion law

  1. I understand what your article is about and having worked for major corporates in the past sadly I can see how easily this is done. And whilst you’d think they should have learnt their lesson sadly that are so many people and different departments that the lesson was learnt but not by the person who made the latest error. No one’s perfect and I think the intention was there but alas the law is the law.

    Apologies for spelling and grammar sooooooooooo tired xxx

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