Comforting sucks


Sleep deprivation Is something most parents are far too familiar with.

Here is my confession. I often feed W to sleep.

She falls asleep on the breast. Sometimes we co-sleep. Shock horror!

This goes against most of the advice to mothers but I feel it is the natural way humans have survived for centuries.

I also take great care to ensure W is not under the covers and we are in a safe position.

It makes life so much easier I wish I had done it from the start.

Sucking is also a natural way to sooth babies. It was why dummies were invented.

This is why I feel annoyed whenever someone says, “she’s using you as a dummy.” No, she’s using me as a breast.

When babies are bottle fed the official NHS guidelines state a cup should be introduced at six months and bottles phased out completely once they are a year old.

Talking to one of my mummy friends, we agreed this was a pretty mean idea.

Her son has a bottle at bedtime. This sends him to sleep within minutes.

It is no surprise really as he is relaxed and soothed by the whole process.

When I shared the no bottle after one policy with the mother of a teenager, I was amused by her response.

“But they make formula for older babies, how are they supposed to drink that?” She said.

She was quite stunned my my response.

Follow on and toddler milk are marketing ploys to get around formula advertising bans.

These milks are not needed.

Image by Mark and Allegra Jaroski-Biava licenced by Creative Commons on Flickr.

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