Resistence is futile little one


We bought a new car seat.

W seemed to like it when it sat in the living room as we practised securing the impact shield.

“Seat, seat,” she exclaimed.

Sitting in it was a game.

Her fists banged down on the impact cushion with delight.

“Hurrah,” I thought. The Kiddy Phoenixfix brings happier times than Maxi Cosi.

Then we put it in the car and her attitude changed.

W has a history with car seats. She hates going in them. Her back arches as her body goes convex and rigid.

Once we get going she is usually fine.

What really galled me was she started sitting in the old Maxi Cosi left in the hallway.

“Seat, seat!”

Yes, just as long as it isn’t in the car.

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