Think I’ll use the baby change as my private toilet…

Baby on a public baby change

Baby change
Image from Wikimedia Commons by katorisi

Something happened on a ferry that just left me completely gobsmacked.

We were on the large, slow Holyhead to Dublin ferry when W decided to releave herself.

She was charging around the ship in a stir-crazy fashion, stopped, gave me a hard stare and announced “poo”.

We went back to Daddy for the changing bag – he had done the first change – and headed off to deal with the package.

There was one baby change room. It was unisex, quite handy as my husband sometimes finds himself going into the ladies with W when they are out and about.

It was locked. Fair enough, there were a few other babies on board and they do not coordinate their poo time.

Then the door opened.

A man wearing a hi-vis vest and clutching an open packet of cigarettes came out.

He was alone.

I have a very strong feeling he was not changing anyone’s nappy, least of all his own.

This made me feel cross.

Baby change is not your own private loo, it’s a place with a surface and a sink where you can scrape the poo off young children’s bottoms.

I started wondering, do some people consider a baby change a fast track loo or place for a quick dump?

A separate space isn’t really necessary, but I suppose some people object to seeing small arses smeared in faeces.

I know I object but I just have to deal with it.

Now, do people think of baby change in the same way as they do parent and child shop parking. Is it fair game?

Thing is little people have delicate cheeks and, let’s be honest, no one wants to walk around with pants full of poo.

Maybe some people think an adult’s dump is more important.

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