Bump bragging, Beyoncé and getting real

Today I ended up listening to a discussion on Emma Barnett’s show on BBC Radio Five Live, accusing Beyoncé of bump bragging.

One of the commenters complained about flaunting a bump in the face of infertile women and, goodness, what if she had a miscarriage.

Considering Beyoncé and Jay Z have been open about the miscarriage they experienced before their daughter’s birth, they’re definitely aware of the pain.

With a five year age gap, they may have experienced issues conceiving another child, too.

Who knows? It’s none of our business.

I recall some talk that she’s faked her pregnancy and used a surrogate, something to do with a shift in her bump when she sat down during a TV interview.

This certainly sticks two fingers up to her critics.

If she wants to take a bump picture let her.

Yes, something might go wrong. It happens a lot. 

So many women experience loss alone and in silence. Until more of us share the lonelier it is.

If you don’t want to share pictures that’s fine.

If you don’t want to see bump and scan pictures, that’s also fine.

Just don’t say people shouldn’t share them. 

Should we also hide babies and children to protect the bereaved and infertile from upset? No.

Just stop moaning about other people who are not doing any harm while living their own lives.

My bump at 36 weeks. Not so glam and fancy.

My bump at 36 weeks. Not so glam and fancy.