Review: Dr Zeiffal, Dr Zeigal and the Hippo That Can Never Be Caught

Mouths of Lions show Dr Zeiffal, Dr Zeigal and the Hippo That Can Never Be Caught

Mouths of Lions show Dr Zeiffal, Dr Zeigal and the Hippo That Can Never Be Caught

Brighton Fringe has a bumper set of shows aimed at the under fives and out first outing took me and the wee one to The Warren.

It is amazing what you can do with a load of shipping containers, and The Warren turned a few into the Studio 2 theatre space.

Mouths of Lions production, Dr Zeiffal, Dr Zeigal and the Hippo That Can Never Be Caught, is an award-winning show pitched at young children up to aged seven.

It was a delightful romp with a great deal of audience participation.

Dr Zeiffal is a member of the Hippo Institute following sightings across the UK.

Despite her efforts she has never seen a hippo in the wild.

She has a multitude of equipment displayed on stage in the special equipment area.

It has great packaging. Always have great packaging.

Quality performance

Georgia Murphy’s performance was very engaging prompting an enthusiastic response from the young audience.

It’s a two-person show, with Oliver Weatherly taking on the role of hippo and Dr Zeigal.

There was a great deal of mischief surrounding his cheeky hippo.

This is a very physical slapstick show, with lots of running around and the main characters leaving the theatre box shreeking with enthusiasm.

After carrying out some research I discovered the two stars trained a the prestigous clown school École Philippe Gaulier. You could tell by the quality of their performance.

Delighting children

My daughter is nearly four and was captivated for the whole hour.

She joined in with the pantomimesque “he’s behind you” elements.

There is a rather chaotic ending and some of the children went on stage to help Dr Zeiffal.

Seeing her work around them was quite delightful.

But as she said: “Keep calm. Please stay in your seats. Everything is under control.”

The final performance is on Monday, May 8 at 4pm. Tickets are £9.

I give it **** (four stars)

Elliot and the Enormous Sneeze is their second show at The Warren: Studio 2 from June 2-4.

Tickets were provided via The Argus for a separate review.

See the list of 23 events at Brighton Fringe for the under-fives I curated for Officréche.


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