Jeremy Corbyn mobbed like a rock star in Brighton

Jeremy Corbyn speaks with fire and passion about what he believes in.

He said: “I am very happy, very happy indeed to face a general election tomorrow.”

From now on he is in campaign mode. This is his natural state, you could tell by listening to him speak with unwavering belief.

I was one of hundreds of people waiting for him outside the Brighton Centre today, just wondering what would he say.

It was difficult to hear beyond the traffic and the throng of people applauding and chanting “ohhhh Jeremy Corbyn”.

When he left those chants continued as hundreds of people mobbed his car as it moved up West Street.


A rock star entry and exit from the sity.

What did he talk about? Well he was there to speak at the Unison conference where he received a rock star welcome, so public sector workers were key.

For seven years they’ve effectively had a pay cut and had to work harder when they are our front line services.

Two fire engines were tooting approval on the road.

“We have the greatest gap between rich and poor there has ever been in this country,” he said.

“Things have to change.”

Young people

Education and opportunities for young people were the next subject raised (once I could hear through the cheers and applause).


Every child deserves the best chance at school, who can argue with that? Young people need the best opportunities for apprenticeships and the best chance to go to university.

“Opportunity should not be a lottery based on the post code of where you were born,” he said.

“Every child deserves the same chance.

“The future does belong to you and I want a that future to be where the young do better than us.”

A good society invests in its people and he underlined how he was not sorry to pay for education and health.

He laid into the Government for putting disabled people through endless tests and declaring people fit for work when they are not.

Poverty and the horrific fire at Grenfell Tower were also addressed.

Saying almost 100 bodies have been found he described it as a turning point in our public consciousness on how people are forced to live.

“It was a tower of poverty in the richest part of the UK, ” he said.

“Maybe there will be a change and we will put money into housing.”

After a thanking the crowd for increasing Labour’s share of the vote and taking Brighton Kemptown (Lloyd Russell-Moyles was there) he gave a shout out to Hastings, where Amber Rudd so very nearly lost her seat.

What next?

What now? apart from the campaigning.

On Monday Labour puts forward its amendments to the Queen’s Speech ready to debate for the rest of the week.

He called for fair taxation and investment in health services and mental health.

“In life we don’t leave people on the side, we go to help them,” he said.

“We are going out there campaigning from now on for a decent future for us all.”

I know I want a better world for my daughter. One where she has opportunities.

It’s as simple as that.


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