#itsnotabrelfie! Why do we have photos of our babies breastfeeding?

I liked this blog.

I have taken the occasional feeding picture. It is unlikely we’ll have another so I’ll never do it again.

Most of my early pics are more “OMG my boob is bigger than her head!”

Right now little W is fighting off a sickness bug and just wants to rest her head on Mummy’s boob.

Things I can do now that I'm free

I have a few photos of my children breastfeeding; I’m not sure of the exact number, but not a huge amount. So, why do I have those photos? Well actually there are a few reasons; but before I get into what the reasons are let’s run through what they are NOT!

First of all I don’t have photos of me breastfeeding because of some “parenting trend” with a particularly stupid name. A photo of a baby breastfeeding is no more a “brelfie” than a photo of a baby bottle feeding is a “bottlefie”, or a baby having a cuddle is a “culfie”. It’s just a photo of a baby doing something that it’s perfectly normal for babies to do- the photo itself should be no more remarkable than a photo of a baby lying on a blanket, or playing under a baby gym.

Another supposed reason I’ve seen cropping up…

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