Review: Flyaway Katie


Waiting for the show to start

Taking your not quite three-year-old to the theatre for the first time is daunting.

Will she be okay? Will she sit through it? Will she mutate into a screaming banshee? Will she need a wee-wee five minutes into the show?

I picked Long Nose Puppets production Flyaway Katie, as its Brighton Fringe billing suggested it was suitable for three to seven-year-olds, and it was 45 minutes long.

As we entered the Big House at The Warren on Twitter, a pop-up venue within walking distance of home, I took a deep breath.

W knew she was going to a puppet show and was very excited.

When the light went down she squealed with delight and gasped when Katie the puppet appeared from behind the curtain.

From the first moment she was captivated.

It is such a delightful and positive story, about finding happiness and colour in your life with friends’ help.

Katie’s grey day is transformed, as is she, with the wonder of the imagination.

The story is based on the children’s book by Polly Dunbar with¬†music by Tom Gray of Gomez.

I tried to encourage W to sing along, but she looked stunned when asked.

The songs were wonderful and gentle tunes, illustrating the story perfectly.

It was a magical experience.

Flyaway Katie is on at 10am and 11.30am on Sunday, May 15. Tickets are £8.