Just what mummy always wanted

Oh yes, Seat and Cosmopolitan have come up with a car for girls, or women, depends how you define yourself.

Phoebe-Jane Boyd rips it apart pretty well in The Guardian, citing the Bic pen for her and Sellotape for girls as sexist PR disasters.

I started thinking, what would be my ideal car as a mother.

Two stereo systems that cancel each other out. One plays nursery rhymes in the back, the other plays my choice at the front.

Wipe-clean surfaces are essential.

I swear I have no idea where half the sticky marks come from.

Make it mud proof.

Drinks and snack holders are also a must. Not just for mum but for kids, too.

A pocket for the water bottle, another for YoYos, another for wet stuff like carrots, grapes etc. Then the dry pocket with auto crumb collection for those biscuits, cakes and all things that crumble.

The boot should accommodate 15 bags of shopping, a balance bike, scooter, assorted helmets, buckets and spades, beach shelter, three changes of clothes (mother and child) and an automated body drying system.

Stick, pebble, shell, leaf, flower, feather and conker storage for those treasures found in the street or on adventures.

Crafts, audiobooks and a TV system (Peppa Pig disabled) is also essential for longer journeys, along with safe small child bed for when they fall asleep.


Better colours are great.

There are too many black, grey, silver, red and white cars.

Little W is ever so excited when she spots a green, purple or yellow one.

Maybe automatic colour change.

Now that’s a mum car.